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Our Mission

Crypto is hard for newcomers. New users on average take 6-12 weeks before they start to feel safe. This is too long. Users should be able to onboard into crypto in hours not months. One of the challenges is a lack of good tools to research and discover new projects and protocols. 

At Blocksherpa, we’re combining big data, AI and community networks to build a platform that anyone can use.

Less is more

Easier to use

Research shouldn't be difficult. Our platform makes it easier to find and save new crypto tokens and protocols.

User experience is clearly a pain point for users. People want easier to use research tools that don't overwhelm them with too much data. Our unique approach provides you with a "write you own story" approach.

Community built-in

Don't understand something? Experts with crypto experience are live on the platform that you can chat with.

Experts are everywhere, but rarely when you need them. Most users leave trading platforms to research and learn. This takes too much time. Our platform brings collaboration into our platform natively.

AI smarts

Big data is already available on-chain. Our AI harvests this data and builds insight automatically. No smarts required.

Massive amounts of data is all available, publicly. We are doing the hard work of harvesting all this data, and building insight so that you are better informed and empowered to make safer trading decisions.

Crypto is community

Get help whenever you need

Researching projects and protocols is hard. On our platform, crypto experts from across the crypto community are available to help you navigate projects and learn more about crypto so that you don’t make common mistakes in crypto investing.

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